Want to Bag THAT Job?

Logo for Persuasive CVsThe only way to get the job of your dreams is by being interviewed. And the only way to get an interview is to send in a CV or resume that has been expertly tailored to show that you are the ideal candidate for a particular job.

My mission is to help you create that interview-winning document.

What is a CV or resume?

A CV or resume is a persuasive document designed to convince a potential employer that you are the perfect match for a particular job and so you MUST be called for interview.

To be persuasive, your CV needs to communicate―as clearly and directly as possible―your unique value as a candidate … ie your unique selling proposition or USP.

In other words, your CV is a marketing tool … a sales letter … and its only function is to get you an interview.

It does this by emphasizing the benefits you will bring to your employer and the job on offer … so he or she has no choice but to call you for interview.

Our CV and Resume Service

Our services are focused on getting you that job interview:

  • Creation of a CV or resume that will persuade a potential employer to invite you for an interview
  • The inclusion in the CV of keywords relevant to a particular job opportunity so you are shown at the top of the list for particular positions in a jobs forum
  • Writing a tailored cover letter
  • Creation of a persuasive Linked In profile
  • Review of your social sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc) and social activities that can have an impact on your chances of being called for an interview

Your finalized CV will be delivered in three formats:

  • MS Word .doc or .docx … for quick updating and easy printing
  • Plain text .txt … for pasting into online application forms
  • PDF .pdf … for sending as an email attachment

To find out more about how we can help you bag that interview, just email me on paul@persuasivecvs.ie or call +353-(0)87-4163688

“Thanks for the massive input into my CV, Paul. It took a lot of hard work to get it just right but it worked. Used it to apply for 8 different jobs and got 5 interviews. Brilliant! I’ll let you know what happens at the interviews … many thanks … Steve”

… Stephen Watson

Hire me as your CV or resume writer

Creating an interview-winning CV will require a lot of hard work from both you and me.

You, in particular, will need to:

  • Fill in a detailed questionnaire so that I have all the information I need to write a persuasive CV;
  • Research job sites for your ‘dream job’ so that I can incorporate relevant keywords in your CV;
  • Be clear in your mind as to your career accomplishments to date and the types of problems you have solved for your employers so that your CV can show what makes you truly distinctive.

My job will be to take all that information and convert it into a compelling persuasive CV that ensures you get called for interview.

Do you really want to bag that job? Then: